<aside> 🔖 Some of my liked reads that I glanced over; let me know if you like them or not. My interest in reading depends on my curiosity quest at that time but mostly falls in Startups, Economics, History, Fiction & Non-Fiction, and Technology related subjects. Lately, I got hooked on reading about Longevity as well.

I read roughly about 50-100 books in a year just for the pleasure of exploring things outside of professional learning; I have a habit of glancing over in a random order rather than reading deep; below list is some of those books that touched me to dig enough and found productive in my everyday life.

I have a separate literature list that includes specific journals, articles, and guides that help my professional life ( tech, blockchain, economics, etc.) also hacks I enjoy as extracurricular activities and learning corner (photography, design, interior design, architecture, traveling [solo, group], outdoor). Happy to share when we talk about those.